Picking a place to write

Boy, did I botch this one today. I like coffee shops as they are generally relaxed, quiet and unhurried sorts of places to sit and think. I made a mistake today, though. I walked into a coffee shop in Noho  (I guess. These neighborhoods are mostly new creations now anyway.) in New York City to find loud, I mean blaring, techno pop. This is awful for concentrating on real writing so I’m blogging while I wait for my appointment and browsing wedding officiants. Anything to postpone the inevitable, right? I can’t wait to get back to my own cafe in Brooklyn, where I know that there’s peace and quiet and I can work. Where do you guys like to work?




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2 responses to “Picking a place to write

  1. Personally, the same place rarely works for me twice in row. Whether I’m writing at home in my bedroom, in the living room, at the Coffee Bean down the street, or in my car before I go into my gym, I have to keep changing it up. It’s like I build up creative immunity to a place after I accomplish anything there and have to move on for a while.

    • That’s interesting. I find it easy to work in a few places, none of which are my apartment, unfortunately. There’s a coffee shop in Brooklyn near home that I like lately.

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